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Robert Anton Wilson at the Brain Machine Symposium 1989 DVD


Robert Anton Wilson at the Brain Machine Symposium, 1989 DVD

NTSC, approx 66 minutes.


"This is an important piece of archival Robert Anton Wilson and the producers should be commended for putting it together and preserving it for prosperity." - Antero Alli, author of Angel Tech and other books

In 1989, author and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson was the featured speaker at the Brain Machine Symposium, held at the Thelemic Arts Center in Saugerties, New York. A group of brain machine developers and merchants brought an amazing collection of devices to the event and, following Wilson’s insightful and funny introduction, the audience was turned loose on the machines.

The videotape of the event was lost for many years – but was recently discovered while we were cataloging our archives. We are now very happy to present Robert Anton Wilson at the Brain Machine Symposium – featuring Wilson’s talk, along with the even more entertaining aftermath, when we had all become very relaxed and silly from using the machines for several hours. (It's all Robert Anton Wilson!)

If you are interested in the technology of electronic devices designed to alter consciousness – or in the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, this DVD will offer nuggets of wisdom and surprising bursts of laughter. Topics include:

This rare archival recording was produced with analog technology in 1989.  The quality of the video and audio reflect the limits of that technology. The information, however, is even more useful and important today.

NTSC, approx 66 minutes.

© copyright 1989 - 2006
Robert Anton Wilson and Hawk Ridge Productions

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