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The Great Purple Hoo-Ha

A Comedy of Perception

by Philip H. Farber

Trade Paperback/2 volumes
approx 230 pages each volume
copyright 2010 Philip H. Farber

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We now have SIGNED COPIES in stock, sold only in sets of 2 books (Parts 1 and 2, available only from Hawk Ridge, $25 for both books, $3 s&h).

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The Great Purple Hoo-Ha has finally arrived!

The Great Purple Hoo-Ha: A Comedy of Perception  is a science fiction/fantasy/occult novel in two parts. This one is for adults only. If it were a movie, it would have a solid “R” rating for language and adult themes.

'Joe climbed out of the hole into the gray light of a stormy afternoon. Nothing was going as planned. He still hadn't gotten his girlfriend, the goddess, into bed. The aliens never arrived and Elvis hadn't returned.

Up on the stage, robed magicians toting automatic weapons called down unspeakable things from the sky. A crowd of a million people was beginning to riot.

And Joe knew that it was up to him, the most famous man in the world, to save the day and bring forth the Great Purple Hoo-Ha - if he could only figure out what the heck it was.'


From a magicko-religious point of view I'd say "The Great Purple Hoo-Ha proves that 'changing Perception is the Great Work'." From a reader's perspective I'd say, "It's like Stranger in a Strange Land except much funnier and with hotter sex." From a friend's perspective I'd say, "Dude, you should buy this!" From a rival novelist's point of view, I'd say, "I wrote this under my pseudonym of Philip Holocene Farber."
-- Don Webb, author of Aleister Crowley: The Fire and the Force and Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path

As blatant propaganda, The Great Purple Hoo-Ha is funnier than Catholicism and slightly less disgusting than ads for colonic irrigation.
-- Rev. Ivan Stang, Church of the Subgenius

A surreal, submodalicious page turner that will have you leaping from the written words to your own life in a joyous celebration and an aching wish for your own Hoo-Ha. Pay no attention to time or space! Instead, join with Joe Shmoe... while you try to determine if you should laugh, cry, hope, or dream simultaneously, assured that the Great Purple Hoo-Ha is... a potential reality with unlimited potential.
-- Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Magick and The Resurrection Murders

Farber's writing is a joyride through the psyche. Absurdity and the internal workings of our own beliefs are less than a hair's width apart - and Farber illustrates this with inimitable style, humor, and a kitschy sense of self- referential pseudo-realism.'
LaSara Firefox Allen, MPNLP, Developer of Gratitude Games and author of Sexy Witch


The Great Purple Hoo-Ha, a novel by Philip H. Farber